Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Students' Favorite Lesson: Color Psychology

I routinely solicit feedback from my students. I love to know which lessons they felt were the most successful, the most interesting, the most engaging and the most relevant. The true test of this, however, is time. So I recently surveyed some of the graduates I still keep in touch with and asked them, "Which marketing lessons were the best?" 

The resounding answer was the day spent on Color Psychology. I wasn't surprised to hear this. After all, it remains my favorite lesson from Mrs. Peterson's marketing class nearly 20 years ago. Something about this particular lesson just sticks, and this is why I chose to replicate it so many years later.

This lesson doesn't fit neatly into the scope and sequence of the marketing curriculum as it is spelled out by the textbook. As a stand-alone lesson, it is a bit tangential. It is great if you have a spare day to fill due to a change in schedule. It is an engaging and fun lesson for a high-energy day such as during a spirit week or just prior to a holiday break.

The lesson is simple:

1. Have students fill out the Color Psychology Activity Handout on their own.

2. Then, discuss the ideas they came up with color by color as you reveal the psychology behind each color on the Color Psychology Presentation.

Both the handout and presentation are now available for download here.